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Barritts Ginger Beer – Barritts Ginger Beer | Since 1874
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Welcome to Barritts

Since 1874

Barritts Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer is a zesty ginger soft drink, that has been bottled continuously since 1874. Barritts Ginger Beer is distributed in Bermuda by John Barritt & Son Ltd. a family owned and operated soft drink firm that has been going for 5 generations. While Barritts Ginger Beer can be enjoyed alone it is a versatile mixer adding spice to rum, vodka, beer or exotic liqueurs. Barritts Ginger Beer also features in a number of island recipes for cakes, jams, marmalades, sauces and festive fruit punch.

Bottles & Cans

Barritts Ginger Beer is available island wide in 12oz cans and 20oz, 1 litre and 2 litre bottles. It is also available in convenient 12 or 24 can travel packs, and try Barritts Diet Ginger Beer for that great ginger flavour with zero calories.


12 oz cans in both diet and regular ginger beer


20 oz, 1 litre and 2 litre bottles


Convenient 12 or 24 can travel packs

History of Barritts

Barritts Stone Ginger Beer has a long history in Bermuda. William John Barritt came to Bermuda from England in 1839 to work in law enforcement. He eventually became Head Jailer at the old Hamilton Jail. He left the Prison Service when his request for a pay increase to support his wife and 12 children was denied.

In 1874 W.J. opened a dry goods shop on the corner of Front & King Streets in Hamilton, with a small mineral water bottling machine in the back room. This is where Barritts Ginger Beer started.

W.J. Barritt died the same year he started the firm and his son John Barritt took over. The business has remained in the family ever since, becoming John Barritt & Son when Frederick G. Barritt joined the firm in 1903. Fred's sons Leon and Bobby joined the firm in 1923 and 1950 respectively and today the fifth generation of the Barritt family, Bruce and Fred, continue the proud Heritage of selling Bermuda's Best Beverages, including Barritts Bermuda Stone Ginger Beer.

Photo Gallery

We're So Photogenic

Here are some photos of Barritts Ginger Beer in Bermuda and around the world. Please contact us to send us your own shots of you and friends enjoying Barritts Ginger Beer.